As a child, I loved to draw and create things from my own imagination. As I got older, I was directed to follow a more “reasonable” path by the ones who were there to guide me. Nevertheless, my love for the arts never disappeared.

My first career choice was geology, because I searched knowledge about nature. The study gave me admittance to a unique perspective on life, about the past, present and even the future of life on Earth, both on macro- and microscale. I have seen structures and forms not visible for the «naked eye», and I have been diving deep and high in humanity’s notions about the world we are living in. It has given me the experience of being a small part of a bigger whole, which is a kind of relief…

With regard to art, studying geology has shown me the incredible beauty and harmony in all forms, patterns, systems, in all building bricks and connections within both inanimate and animate nature. I have been dealing with nature on a scientific level in more than 5 years. All imprints from this time, like fossils in stones, exist in me. It is all under my skin.

My current career path is related to people. I work now as an adviser. On the road to this profession – in some miraculous way – I found my way back to drawing or rather expressing myself in pictures. Working with people has increased my vulnerability for nature. I started to rediscover patterns in nature and wish to express what I see around me. I do my drawings as a result of knowledge of patterns in all forms of life and as a response to my senses in contact with nature. What I create is the result of all my life’s experiences, knowledge and love.

My drawings are mostly abstractions based on impressions from nature and particularly from the world of plants, but also from larger structures of nature such as layers of rocks. I follow both my intuition (the need) and curiosity (the research). I am primarily interested in details, in small things which are almost invisible, almost non-existent or not easy recognizable. In that way my drawings consist of many small elements, they are like building bricks. Nature uses the same basic patterns all the way, whether it is a repetition of some cells, leaves on the tree, individuals within species, repetition of processes or layers of mud, sand or rocks. I see this as patterns of life.

I draw with the intention of sharing my experience of nature, and with a wish to influence and introduce you to the harmony of patterns in nature.